Thursday, May 15, 2008

Malaysian Artistes For Unity

The arts scene, Malaysia. Not many make it to the top, and when people do, most are quick to chide them.
Malaysian Artistes for Unity is one project that these 'big' names got in on, and for gratis!
You really do not hear of these things these days! A brainchild of songwriter Pete Teo, Malaysian Artistes for Unity was announced some six weeks ago. A trailer was uploaded on you tube in April, and had gotten some 8000+ views. With some 120 volunteers from all walks of life, and thousands of hours of production, throw in some 16 singers, and 50 odd personalities, and some big name actors and what they got was one fantastic song and video.
The aim of this project, MAFU is to incite the 'one Bangsa Malaysia' goal, something that most Malaysians aspire for, but may have lost the plot. Pete was quick to ward off any complements, asserting that this project is for one for the country. No race, no colour, no religion (not in his own words) but the ultimate goal of bridging these obstacles in this nation we all love.
'Here In My Home' was put together in less then 6 weeks, and is now available for download for FREE (both song and video) from its website.
At the press conference announcing the project and release of both the song and video, Pete Teo (Project Producer), Yasmin Ahmad (Director), Ho Yuhang (Director), Jason Lo , Sandy Monteiro , and Chan Fong was at hand to provide the media with the project brief as well as information that Maxis had agreed to provide free data uploading via its network for its subscribers without charge.
A project by who's who in the Arts, for Malaysians who are keen to bridge the divide is what I will sum this up to be. And I can already see this group of noble artistes going places, perhaps on the next Bangsa Malaysia roadshow.......two have said yes!
Syabas to them, and now lets, see you 'here in my home'!

'Here In My home' video posted in you tube by Yew Tube!

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